About | H Plus Limited

H Plus was incorporated and initially set up in 1997 to manage the sales and marketing of Malic Acid and Fumaric Acid in Europe and the Middle East on behalf of the World’s leading manufacturer Bartek Ingredients Inc., Canada.

In late 2000, H Plus Limited became the UK distributor for Bartek and expanded our product range to target the wellness sector of the food industry. Consequently we agreed UK representations with Jungbunzlauer Ladenburg Gmbh (Coated ingredients), Musashino Chemical Company (Lactic acid) and Nutrition Supplies (Vitamin / Mineral blends).

A natural consequence of this expansion, is that some of our products have application in the non-food sector and indeed the pharmaceutical industry. In May 2001, we were awarded ISO 9002 and subsequently ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation in 2004.

We entered the Organic market in 2005 by starting a cooperation with Shafi Gluco-Chem, Pakistan (Rice Syrups and Proteins) and consequently became a licence holder for the Soil Association.

In 2009, we became ISO 9001:2008 accredited and registered with SEDEX, a global data base declaring our belief in conducting socially responsible and ethical business.

2009 was a significant year for our business strategically as we took additional expertise into the company and started an expansion programme to counter the global downturn. This has seen a substantial jump in the number of products that we supply allowing us to offer product packages and thus strengthen the service we can provide.

2010 become the year of compliance as new legislation concerning the safety of the chemicals we use and the manner in which they are classified is upon us ie REACH/ CLP. We pre-registered all the products that are imported from outside the EU and have a programme in place to meet the timetable laid down for their registration.

In Late 2012, the company moved to a new, larger office based in South Marston Business Park, Swindon.

DL-Malic Acid was successfully REACH registered in 2013 in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.

We currently maintain a quality management system through our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

As the average age of people increases and the desire to live longer grows stronger, there is a demand on the food industry to provide more convenience foods where the goodness has been put back. Vitamins, minerals and other such functional foods are added but often taste is compromised. Good taste determines the success of the food and this is established using the correct flavouring and acidulant system.

It is the aim of H Plus limited to offer a service that exceeds expectations and products that will help our customers satisfy this demand and consequently grow both our businesses!