H Plus Limited is a supplier of additives and ingredients to the food, pharmaceutical and other chemical industries.

Products are supplied to fit a range of applications including flavour enhancement, uniform flavour profile, extended shelf-life, delayed impact, healthy ingredients and the masking of off-notes for successful new product development.

PRODUCTS - You can view or download our latest Product Range via this link: Product List 2014 !

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid, both Fermentation L+ isomer and synthetic DL Racemate grades available. Imparts a smooth dairy-like flavour with extended sourness. Used throughout the food industry in confectionery, bakery and dairy applications.

L+ Tartaric Acid

Extracted from Grapes, Tartaric acid gives a brusque sourness with some dryness. Used in sugar confectionery and bakery products . Also available for use in the construction industry as a fine powder including an anti-caking agent.


High quality European food grade Gelatin, available in a range of Bloom values for many applications within Confectionary, Dairy, Deserts, Fish and Meat products.


Phosphates find uses in meat, fish, dairy and bakery sectors due to their many functions. All phosphates in food are a nutritive source of phosphorus. A range of sodium and potassium phosphates are available; click to find out more.

NEWS - Now REACH registered for DL-Malic Acid: Click for details!

Further Cooperation with Shafi Glucochem Pakistan

In addition to Organic Rice Proteins and Rice Syrups we can now offer both Brown and White Organic Super Basmati Rice from our Principal Shafi Glucochem, Pakistan.

Erythritol & Stevia Blends

Erythritol is a natural, zero calorie sweetener which is 50% as sweet as sugar and tooth – friendly. Also available blended with Stevia, see Erythritol Stevia Blends, available in various strengths for use in table-top sweeteners, chewing gum, chocolate and desserts.

E Cigarette Flavours

H Plus Ltd can now supply a range of UK manufactured Vaping flavours designed specifically for the E Cigarette producers. These flavours now complement our Vegetable glycerine BP and (MPG) Mono propylene glycol USP to enable a one stop shop for E Cigarette ingredients.

DL Malic Acid has been REACH Registered

DL Malic Acid supplied by H Plus was fully registered under REACH regulations on 28th May 2013. Updated safety data sheets and registration numbers will be provided with delivered products.